The Tailor

Basic Jean/Pant Services
Starting At
Plain Bottom Hem


Cuff Bottom Hem
Jeans Hem
Original Hem (Jeans) - Euro Hem

Please call 519-652-6431 to inquire about alterations not listed

Alteration Price List



Please contact us HERE or Phone at 519-652-6431 for a Price Estimate on Alterations & Repairs

Alteration Prices vary based on the alterations required, fabric, design, etc. Once we have a chance to look at what is required, we will be able to provide you with an estimate. 

Services Offered Include:

Alteration Prices vary based on the alterations required, fabric, design etc. Book an Appointment or give us a call 519-652-6431 for an estimate


  • Taper
  • Shorten Sleeves
  • Shorten Shirt
  • Darts in Back
  • Sew Buttons


  • Take in/Let out Waist
  • Take in Back Seam on Jeans
  • Taper


  • Take in/Let out
  • Taper Skirt
  • New Lining
  • Shorten


  • Hem
  • Take In
  • Darts


  • Shorten Sleeves
  • Shorten Sleeves with Vent
  • Take In/Let Out
  • Shorten Length
  • Collar Roll

Zipper Replacement

  • Dress Pants
  • Jeans
  • Coats/Sweaters
  • Skirts/Dresses