The Tailor


Dry-Cleaning Service

The Tailor is proud  to be a Dry- Cleaning Depot.

Dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality, service and convenience.


How long does it take to have my dry cleaning done?

Generally, we operate on a 3-day cycle. However, certain processes will take more time. We do offer a 1-day turnaround; we also provide a 1-day service for funerals and weddings.

Can you clean leather and suede?

Yes, leather and suede cleaning takes approximately 2 weeks and we use specialty cleaners for this process.

Trust your cleaning to the experts!

Dry-Cleaning & Shirt Laundry Services Offered:

- All types of Fabric (Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Silk, etc.)

- All types of garments (Shirts, Dresses, Blouses, Suits, Outer Garments, etc.)

- Specializing in items such as beaded garments and feather and down coats and Duvets

- All types of Comforters/Sleeping Bags and/or Blankets (Electric) and afghans

- All types of Curtains and Draperies

- Mats and Rugs

- Leather & Suede Cleaning

- Household Items

- Uniforms

- Wedding gowns

NEW lower prices, 1-day service can be accommodated. 

Call us at 519-652-6431 if you have any questions.